About us

CanMex is a Canadian based company which through its Mexican subsidiary, Andromeda Broker International, specializes in helping Canadian, American or European (as a foreigner) buyers looking for real estate in Mexico.


Through Andromeda Broker Int, CanMex offers an integral investment experience to promote foreign friendly real estate transactions in Mexico, with a primary focus in Merida, Campeche, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

We integrate a team of professionals who offer our clients our experience, talent, and professionalism to achieve objectives of investing, buying, selling, project development, and process improvement in the various aspects of the real estate sector.

At Andromeda Broker Int, we offer a unique perspective to foreign investors because we specialize in guiding new buyers through every step of the purchasing process in Mexico. Our team of Buyer’s Representatives and Top Brokers know firsthand what it is like to relocate, invest and live in Mexico.

We support legal, finance, vetting local Mexican projects, developers, investment, secondary homes, fractional ownership, ever aspects of your process in making your best decision.

Our select Real Estate Products, which are rated by Andromeda Broker Internacional as 100% recommended for buyers and investors.

Legal certainty.

Appreciation and Return on Investment.

Good location.

Developers’ and builders prestige.

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